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Four Tips for Taking Care of Your Car Wrap

There is no doubt that wrapping your car is a wise decision. Whether for your private or commercial use, wrapping is the best way to protect your car and promote your business in an original way. However, there are some tips to take care of your car’s wrap and ensure its durability: Keep it away from excessive […]

3 Reasons To Use Car Wrap Advertising

Advertising your business through a car wrap may be the best decision to make your brand known. Here we give you 5 reasons to choose this advertising alternative: 1. You can change your car wrap as many times as you want Either if you have a new sale or a new product you want to […]

7 Car Cleaning Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Man cleans car interior with vacuum cleaner

If you prefer to wash your car at home, you may find these Car Cleaning Hacks useful to get that shine you’re looking for. You would be surprised to know what some drinks that you can find in your fridge  do for your vehicle’s appearance. Discover some amazing Car Cleaning Hacks here: Use Coke to […]

Car Wraps: 10 Tips To Succeed

Car wraps are a fun way to customize your vehicle. From a good design, to the right location and the right tools, there are useful tips to be a good car wrap applicator.  Here, 10 tips to get great Car Wraps: 1. Make sure you have images of the vehicle prior to planning the design. 2. Determine where […]

Know The Secrets To a Perfect Car Wrap

Car wraps and the custom car graphic have been growing at a very fast pace during the past few years. As a result many existing print shops are trying to cash in on the growth by offering vehicle wraps to their customers. However, car wraps are not like business cards, flyers or brochures where the printing press […]

4 Tips for Installing Car Decals

Many people like to add a distinctive touch to their cars with car decals: favorite sports team, funny messages or brand advertising. Car decals are a cool way to customize cars and add a personal touch. Here are 4 tips to apply and/or remove car decals successfully: Clean the surface: you can use water or rubbing alcohol to […]